We all still get pretty giddy when we’re able to shoot even the slightest actions that actually matter. We’re talking about that breath of anticipation, a meaningful quick glance and a squeeze of a hand. We blend these moments and create a love story that you can truly call your own.
Your wedding is a part of your story, a part of who you are. We are here not just to document all the details but to immortalize your story. And today, if you choose to, we will create a lasting legacy together.

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All our wedding videography packages include the following.

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We are wedding videographers based in Manila, Philippines. We have already captured hundreds of weddings in a span of 6 years but we know that your wedding is unique. Our vision is to make each wedding personal by capturing the most intimate details and the rawest emotions. We let the whole day unfold before us, and preserve them through our visual storytelling.


We are also a band of dreamers and old souls who are enchanted by the idea of love. Like most people, we believe in happily-ever-after and yearn for moments that make life more meaningful.

Sansan Sy


Archie Sy

co-founder. head director.

Roxy Saquido

creative director.


We believe that in order to create a compelling wedding video, there must be communication between the couple and us, the videographers. Some of our favourite creations are ones where the couple would share a part of themselves. We refuse to work with templates because we want to create something that you can proudly call your own. More than the cake or the gown, it’s about you, your families and friends. A wedding is a  celebration of two individuals who love and promise to be beside each other for the rest of their lives.



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