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Welcome to our new brand and website. These past few months went by so quickly, but not with a few hiccups along the way. Our site had been only up for a month when it was infected by some malware. We’ve also been struggling with our ads but I think we’re now doing okay. I can even say that all those hiccups became blessings because I was forced to learn how to create my own website and it brought me a new vision for our company.

Sansan and I started wedding videography on 2010. I can still vividly remember the first time Sansan edited her first SDE. She didn’t have any background in editing videos except for the tutorial I gave her, so imagine the stress we experienced in creating our very first SDE. We didn’t tell our first client that we didn’t have any experience in doing SDEs. We just told them that we could do it and gave them a really good price. We’re lucky that they trusted us enough to cover their wedding and they’re happy with the result. They helped us establish our company and gave us the push to be in the wedding industry.

We’re now in our 7th year in taking wedding videos and we’re happy that Alt X Videos became an established brand. We owe a lot to Alt X but we believe that we must grow into a more serious videography studio, thus we rebranded our company to Sanchi Cinema. If you’re wondering what Sanchi means, it mean San(san) and Ar(chi). We’re bringing the same passion but with a different vision, and that is to make each wedding personal by capturing the most intimate details and the rawest emotions through our storytelling.

We’re not dropping Alt X Videos. We decided to keep Alt X Videos to cater to those who still want quality wedding films at a more affordable rate. It is headed by our senior staff but it will still be under our management. You can check the site at www.altxvideos.com.

We hope you like our new brand and website. Please send us a message if just want to say Hi or of course for inquiries 🙂 Thanks and God bless.

Warm Regards,
Archie Sy

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