Archie Sy
Head Director / Founder
Sansan Sy

Our Story

Hi! I’m Sansan! Together with my husband, Archie, we founded Sanchi Cinema shortly after being married because we got so inspired from watching our own wedding video. We have been together since our college years in DLSU and feel truly blessed to be doing something that we love to do! We love weddings and words can’t express how awesome it is to be present, be able to document and share such a momentous experience with our clients!
We met our Creative Director, Roxy, a couple of years after we founded our company and despite her being 10 years younger than us, we just had an immediate connection. After graduating from UP Diliman, she deviated from the usual path of going into Advertising and went straight into filming love and marriage in its most candid form. Roxy has such a creative mind and a relentless passion for filmmaking, we couldn’t be luckier to have her on board!
The three of us make Sanchi Cinema the way it is. We all still get pretty giddy when we’re able to shoot even the slightest actions that actually matter. We’re talking about that breath of anticipation, a meaningful quick glance and a squeeze of a hand. We blend these moments and create a love story that you can truly call your own.
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